Best Laptops for Students – 2020 Ultimate Guide


My ultimate guide on what you should be looking for in a laptop for university. I give my recommendations for most students, plus specific recommendations for programming students, film students, photography students, and those who want to do some gaming and streaming on the side.

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– Asus Zenbook 14:
Ideapad 5 15:
– X1 Carbon 7th Gen:
– HP Spectre x360:
– Macbook Pro 13: – I recommend the 10th gen model
– HP Envy 15:
– HP Omen 15 AMD:
– Razer Blade 15 Advanced:
– Aero 15 OLED:
– XPS 9500:
– Macbook Pro 16:


How to Test Your NEW Laptop –


Programming Laptop: – I have the 8 core 9980HK version
Video Editing Laptop:
Portable Laptop:
Camera 1:
Camera 2:
Main Lens:
Close Up Lens:
Key Light:
Shotgun Mic:
Lav Mic:
Wireless Mic:
Backup Drive:
My Watch:

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  1. actual recommendations start at 7:30 for anyone who doesn't want to sit through SEVEN AND A HALF MINUTES of preamble before he actually gets to the subject of the video.
    like seriously dude wtf

  2. My budget only allows me buy dell inspiron 15 5500..did external monitor can help it with color accuracy? I'm stick with dell bcz it gained my trust that their poduct can last for 10 years without hardware problem.

  3. I’m getting one for school I have to pay $243 dollars for it it’s touch screen and it’s A computer/tablet I can’t wait for it I get it next month and I can Cary it around easily it’s really light so I can carry it around school I go 2 days a week and I’m homeschooled 3 days a week so I can Cary it around school the days I go!

  4. These videos pulled me out of the black hole of trying to find a fairly priced laptop. Finally got myself a lenovo ideapad 15 with a ryzen 4700, 16gb ram and 512 ssd for about 800 USD. Thanks again!

  5. Hey josh, i have been searching for a laptop for almost 2 months and i still didn't found an ideal laptop. If you can, i would really appriciate your help. What i need is a 15 inch laptop for university that is lightweight, and that i can also use for indie game develping (with unity or gamemaker studio). My most desired options for now are the lenovo legion 5 15, and the lenovo ideapad 5 15 (especialy for their keybords), but one of them is too bulky with a graphical power that i dont really need (since i play AAA on consles), while the other one has a bad display that i can't tollerate (i could buy an external monitor, but currently i dont have enough space for it). I would be happy if you raccomend me a laptop like the ideapad 5 15 but with a better display, 16 gb ram, with POSSIBLY an i7 or ryzen 7, and that it can also do some CASUAL gaming; i also don't want to spend too much so i wont buy anything over 1500€. If you don't know any laptop like this, then tell me what i should do. Thank you


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